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(Issued 2 is updated on 16/01/2023)


In this document, we aim to lay out the fundamental issues surrounding Town and Country Planning and Statutory Processes within the construction industry and law.



1. What is the importance of Town and Country Planning? Why is it needed?

2. Typical Relevant Site Design Issues

3. Relevant Statutory Procedures that must be taken into account during the early stages of development and process

4. Types of Background Research 

5. Town and Country Planning at Work Stage 0&1 and 2&3.

6. Statutory Process 

7. How long will Planning and Conservation Processes take? What options are available should the scheme be rejected?

8. Planning Application Process

9. Relevant Legislation when thinking about Planning. 

10. Stakeholders that involve in a project.

11. Use Classes Order 2020

Town and Country Planning and Statutory Process

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