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[Updated to issue2  on 25/11/2022]


The briefing process is a chance for all parties related to the project to clarify uncertainties. It may involve the client, designer, stakeholders, end-users, and technical experts. The briefing process is important as it clarifies the following: articulate problems; understand the needs of the client, and the other stakeholders; removes potential assumptions; establish priorities of a project; set out the objectives; for all involved parties to gain a common understanding.


This support material includes:

1. What is the Briefing Process?

2. Benefits of a Briefing Process

3. Types of Briefing documents

4. 8 Key Principles

5. Pre-Project Stage

6. Project Stage

7. Post-Project Stage

8. Overview

9. In the event of a tight program, you should...

10. RIBA Plan of Work



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