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Human Resource Management (HRM) is not only hiring and firing; instead, it also covers the entire employee cycle. The employee cycle starts from the pre-employment stage and ends at the post-employment stage, which then restarts back with the pre-employment stage again for recruitment. HRM is required to be carried out professionally. Relevant statutory legislation do not only regulate the professional environment but also help to protect human rights, such as the Equality Act.


HRM can be managed internally by an in-house HR department or outsourced to external HR services, depending on the practice's size and demand.


This support material includes:

1. What is Human Resources?

2. 6R - Reward, Retain, Recognise, Release, Release, Restore, and Recruit.

3. Key principles on ARB and RIBA Code of Conduct that relate to human resource management.

4. Issues around recruitment that may arise within a business

5. Stages before employment is made

6. Stages of Employment Cycle for Employees

7. Legislation / Regulations / Acts

8. Working Hours

9. Leaves

10. The Equality Act in the workplace.

11. Discrimination

12. The Recruitment Process

13. Dismissal Process / Redundancy procedure

14. Employment Stages


Human Resource Management

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