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(Issue 2 is updated on 15/01/2023)


Marketing is an essential activity in any business to help maintain and grow the business, reaching to the outside world, including customers, clients, stakeholders, competitors. It helps the business to define what kind of work we want to do, how we can get those works, how big the business aims to grow, etc. 


In Part3, you are required to understand how to structure a marketing plan tailored to the practice situation as well as activities and methods involved during the marketing process.


This support material includes:

1. What is Marketing and the aim of a Marketing Plan?

2. What should a Marketing Plan Consist of?

3. How to Prepare a Marketing Plan?

4. How to create a Marketing Plan?

Stage 1: Where are we?

Stage 2: Where do we want to be?

Stage 3: How do we get there?

Stage 4: Did we achieve our goals?



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