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Hi, and welcome to the P3P Package Consultation (30 minutes). Please read the following to assist you with booking your slot.


Instruction to Package Consultation


  • Send us your questions and availability to


  • Once we have the questions and date, we will send you a Google Meet link.


Term and Condition


Please allow us 5 days for us to review your material.


You are free to reschedule and cancel up to 24 hours prior to the chosen meeting slot, as this gives us time to free up slots for others.


You may reschedule a booking up to a maximum of 3 times


Please note that there is a maximum of 15 mins lateness, anything over that time and you will have to reschedule.


In the event that you are having technical difficulties please contact us via email.


All information shared with P3P will be kept confidential and not shared outside the purposes of the Mock Oral Interview, by returning this form below you agree to share your information for the purpose of the Mock Oral Interview.


All information given will be kept for a duration of 2 months after the initial session, to assist with the continuity of information for multiple sessions.


Package Consultation

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