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How to Use the ARB guidance to structure PEDR?

PEDR, short for Professional Experience Development Record, is one of the key criteria / document every UK architecture student needs to fulfil if they want to be qualified as an Architect through the Part 1/2/3 route.

PEDR can be described as a professional diary to record your professional experience on the online platform provided by RIBA. It is required a minimum of 24 months PEDR before your qualification. Quite often, students can use 12 month gap year time between part 1 and part 2, then another 12 months post part 2 professional experience to fulfil the requirement. However, for overseas students, if you do not have the first 12 months experience in the UK, that often means you would need at least 24 months of professional experience post part 2 to get qualified.

It is recommended to take daily notes of what you have been doing every day in the office. We all know that office work can get repetitive and intense. After a few months, we can barely remember what we did two or three months ago.

The 24 months PEDR is broken down into 8 documents. Every quarter is counted as one PEDR. The spreadsheet above is an example to keep some basic notes daily, which will only take you a few minutes a day. However, it would benefit you a lot when you sit down and start to write that one-quarter’s PEDR.

To avoid being too much of a diary and keep the PEDR as a supportive document for your qualification process, you could use the Part 3 Professional Criteria (PC) as your reflective guidance.

  • PC 1: Professionalism

  • PC 2: Clients, Users, and Delivery of Services

  • PC 3: Legal Framework and Process

  • PC 4: Practice and Management

  • PC 5: Building Procurement

Detailed Part 3 Professional Criteria can be found on RIBA website.

Think critically about how your daily office work helps you to learn and improve based on the above topics. Or practise with the purpose of knowing those criteria and what you would like to get out of your daily office tasks. Keeping a habit of associating your daily practice with PC guidance would help you to build up your PEDR summary, which would be key proof and support for your Part 3 qualification process. Below is an example of how the PEDR records would help to build up analytical diagrams to support your statement and critically review your professional path.

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