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Is there a structure for PEDRs I should be following? What are the key points I need to consider?

It is good practice to ensure a careful management between your professional experience and academic study. Providing a clear and concise description of the professional criteria; offering a critically reflective document of work compliant to the requirements.

You should include evidence to support awareness, self management, competence and integrity, effective communication skills, reasoning and understanding of issues.

Professional Criteria 1: Professionalism

Demonstrating a comprehensive ability to behave with competence and integrity, in a manner of correct ethical and professional execution. Ensuring to clearly understand the obligation an architect has to society, the profession and clients.

Professional Criteria 2: Clients, Users and Delivery of services

It’s important to understand the scope of services offered by architects, and the requirements for delivering those services ensuring to prioritise client and stakeholder interests. Express the necessary skills to provide these services competently, both autonomously and as part of a team.

Professional Criteria 3: Legal Framework and Processes

Ensure the demonstration for understanding the legal context in which an architect must operate. The processes undertaken must comply with legal requirements and standards. And where it is required execute the skills necessary to communicate competently with statutory and private bodies.

Professional Criteria 4: Practice and Management

Understanding business priorities; management processes; practice operations and the relationship between the practice of architecture and the UK construction industry is key. Express the relevant skills necessary to engage with business administration, resourcing, and implementing and recording project tasks.

Professional Criteria 5: Building Procurement

Demonstrate your understandings within UK construction and contract law, processes of procurement and the built environment. Display your skills within the project, coordination and engagement. A key priority surrounds the contractual relationship and obligations upon the architect identified by their role.

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